The Hearing Foundation

download 6Hearing is a crucial component in connecting and communicating. We need our hearing to live a healthy lifestyle and to stay connected with the people who matter most to us. At Hearing Professionals of Alabama, our mission is to help individuals of all ages and background with their hearing. We understand that access to hearing health care is not always easy, and not everyone is able to afford hearing care.

The Hearing Foundation at Hearing Professionals of Alabama

The Hearing Foundation at Hearing Professionals of Alabama invites those with hearing loss whose financial situation prevents them from receiving hearing health care to apply for help. If you need help affording hearing health care, please contact us today.

Mission Statement

The Hearing Foundation at Hearing Professionals of Alabama recognizes that healthy hearing effects a person’s ability to be an active participant in life. The Foundation’s vision is to make quality hearing health care and technology available and accessible to those with financial need who are struggling with hearing loss. This will be accomplished by mobilizing the power, expertise and passion of audiologists, ENT physicians, volunteers, and donors.

Nonprofit Nature

The Hearing Foundation at Hearing Professionals of Alabama, a non-profit 501(C)(3), depends on generous monetary gifts and in-kind donations of gently used hearing aids and cochlear implant devices. Additionally, our Hearing Foundation works with several major hearing aid and cochlear implant manufactures as they refurbish the donated devices, preparing them for deserving recipients. The Hearing Foundation will also help to support pediatric and adult patients that do not have health insurance to cover necessary surgical procedures and cost of cochlear implant upgrade fees. Hearing Professionals of Alabama staff members are committed to the Foundation and offer volunteer hours to help make the Foundation services possible to those in need.